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11th April

The 60 Second Interview: Alastair Kidner

Having studied his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Exeter, Alastair has previously worked with accounts and marketing teams in the glamorous world of distribution and warehousing. read more

28th March

The 60 Second Interview: Karolina Turner

Account Manager, Karolina oversees agency clients. Originally hailing from Poland, she studied Philosophy and Psychology at University of Manchester. read more

7th March

The 60 Second Interview: Rosie Halewood

Rosie looks after the accounts of several of Webgains’ fashion clients. Rosie is experienced in the fashion sector with previous roles including Trademark Coordinator for Mary Quant. Rosie also spent 2 years teaching English in Niigata, Japan read more

24th September

The lure of performance marketing for luxury brands

We typically think of luxury brands as innovators in the marketing space, with their vast budgets and huge creative resource. When it comes to performance marketing however, their progress in the channel has been somewhat slower. Why are they only now following in the footsteps of the mid-tier brands? What has held them back up until this point, and what is the new-found appeal of the channel? read more

14th November

Is channel attribution good for affiliates?

The jury’s still out as to whether multichannel attribution will benefit affiliates in the long run.

It’s interesting – though not unexpected – to see large brands like Virgin Atlantic, exploring multichannel attribution as a viable means of evaluating and rewarding the different marketing streams. read more

14th November

How you can benefit from behavioural retargeting

With the emergence of behavioural retargeting and its reliance on impression cookies, how can this form of digital marketing improve performance for publishers?

A few years ago, impression cookies were commonplace: many a sale was tracked as a result of customers ‘viewing’ ads and publishers were rewarded for the sale. This resulted in abuse by some members of the affiliate community and ultimately, impression cookies were essentially outlawed in the UK. read more

14th November

Creative Affiliate Recruitment

How do you find the right affiliates and build great relationships with them?

Affiliate recruitment is arguably the most important part of an effective affiliate programme. It is also the most challenging, particularly in the current climate. read more