Make sense of international markets

Understanding the subtle but distinct differences in the publisher landscape across Europe is the first step to delivering a successful international marketing program. Having account managers who know each other and talk on a daily basis doesn’t hurt either. But the most important ingredient is having a skilled and motivated team to engage with Europe’s leading online publishers.

Our goal at Webgains is to help you build long-term profitable relationships that will drive online sales for years to come.

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  • AI-370

    Brexit, GDPR & AI: Getting past the hype

    With Theresa May triggering article 50 on March 29th and starting the UK’s withdrawal from the EU single market, businesses are braced for impact. However, whilst Brexit gets the headlines, is it really what UK business leaders should be focusing… Read more

  • Creative Marketing Campaigns

    The Guide: Putting creativity into marketing – our favourite campaigns

    Now, more than ever it is crucial that marketers understand how to put creativity into their campaigns. The smartest of today’s marketers have an ability to dig out ground-breaking new technologies and platforms, and fearlessly transform the way that people consume… Read more

  • AM-Sweden-370

    Ask the team: How is data use changing?

    Data is now the word on everyone’s lips. We pinned down five members of the team to get their viewpoint on how data use is changing. Kathleen Down, Key Account Manager Advertisers are changing the way they use data to… Read more

  • nike-370

    Product Engagement: The NIKEiD Studio

    One of the best ways to help a publisher to promote effectively is to ensure they have a strong understanding of an advertiser’s consumer offering, a practice Nike have embraced from the outset. Through their product engagement programme they have… Read more